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Coaching Connection

Explore and discover what you really wantPeople seek out a coach for a variety of reasons-

one common theme is change.

What do you want more of in your life… things that would provide you with a better now and more appealing tomorrow?
Working with a coach helps people move to live their best life now, with more ease!
Clients choose Maureen because she creates a professional, relaxed, inspiring, respectful and fun environment.

Start living your more intentional life, today.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a one- on- one relationship focused on helping you to achieve what you wantCoaching is a one- on- one relationship focused on helping you to achieve what you want!
One of our goals is to identify what you really want. Then we can remove obstacles, reduce negative self-talk and create a plan to live intentionally and reach your goals with more ease!
When we know what you want, we can build strategies to achieve the desired results. As your coach, I help you stay focused and on track with your vision and values as we bring balance and intention to your daily agenda.

The goal is to support you as you:

    • Explore & discover what you really want
    • Achieve results
    • Focus on your vision
    • Create and live an integrated, intentional life
    • Explore & release beliefs that prevent you from all that you want

Who Hires a Coach?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to excel. People looking for clarity, movement, refreshing their purpose, someone to bounce ideas off and gain momentum in moving toward their goals.

I have clients heading toward new career successes, working on personal relationships, identifying their life purpose, exploring blocks, developing professional skills, hunting for balance…

"Not only should everyone have a personal coach; everyone should have one as talented and caring as Maureen McNamara."

Elizabeth Richards

My clients are striving for excellence and believe a coaching partnership can help achieve those results quicker and with more ease.

Benefits of Coaching

This is a partnership that is focused solely on YOU! Your vision and creating the goals that are in line with your values. This is about getting what you want most in your life, career and relationships.

Enjoy clarity, focus and support for achieving what you want- QUICKER!

Clients have:

  • Created new, loving supportive relationships
  • Found the job of their dreams
  • Successfully created their own businesses
  • Moved toward higher positions, more money, and success
  • Recognized and achieved life goals

What to Expect

As a coach, I stay curious, question, listen, probe, push or do whatever it takes for you to gain clarity, focus and support for achieving your personal and professional goals.

What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.


I believe clients are whole, complete and resourceful individuals. You will feel both supported and challenged as we explore and reach toward your goals. We concentrate on the future, where you want to go from here and figuring out how to get there.

We generally connect four times a month either on the phone or in person to do our work. You can expect assignments throughout the week to support your discoveries and hold you accountable to movement and growth.

And, you can expect to have FUN in your discovery!

Presentation Coaching

Presentation CoachingPresentations can be a source of stress to many folks. Our personal and professional success can depend on what we say and how we say it.

As a leader of training for over eleven years with a focus on presentation skills and my professional training as a coach, I bring a unique set of talents to the table to help you create and deliver great Presentations.

This is a one on one partnership designed to focus on your strengths and opportunities as a presenter. We focus on both planning and delivery with loads of direct coaching and feedback.

Explore and overcome limiting beliefs and clear a path to deliver memorable, impactful presentations.


Phone coaching ranges from $250-$300 a month.
In Person coaching ranges from $300-$400 a month.
Presentation Coaching pricing varies on project and time.