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Hospitality Training

Over 14 years experience in the hospitality industryWith over 14 years experience in the hospitality industry and having helped with the opening and training at over 30 new restaurants, Dynamic Learning has vast experience working with a variety of restaurants and hotels.

Maureen has lead workshops with people ranging in experience from three days to 40+ years. Whether we are learning something new or being refreshed on information we are already familiar with, training can help our team execute well and ensure every guest has a great experience.

ServSafe Food Safety®

Public concern about food safety has never been greater. And each highly publicized incident of foodborne illness brings attention to the hospitality industry’s commitment to serving safe food

ServSafe® is a program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. The Manager Certification course is a 1-day immersion course, offering detailed food safety concepts.

“Her presentations are professional, appropriately planned, well-executed and always include that twinkle in her eye.”

Peter Meersman- President, Colorado Restaurant Association

This program has a certification exam; passage of the exam is acceptable in 95% of American jurisdictions with a training requirement.

Who Should Attend?

    • Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Chefs
    • Kitchen Managers
    • Owners
    • Operators
Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Owners and Operators should attend ServSafe Food programs

ServSafe® Serving Safe Food Management Certification:

    • Teaches managers food safety concepts
    • Helps managers and employees protect against foodborne illness outbreaks
    • Helps reduce liability risks & minimize insurance costs
    • Enables participants to demonstrate a commitment to food safety

ServSafe® Employee training is a 2.5-hour class designed to share basic food safety concepts with hourly employees.

Click here for a registration form and schedule.

ServSafe Alcohol ®
Serving Alcohol Responsibly

Serving Alcohol ResponsiblyThe purpose of the ServSafe Alcohol ® is to ensure that servers, bartenders and managers have the information they need to understand and implement the skills of responsible alcohol service.

Participants should leave the program confident in their ability to make sound decisions and handle potentially intoxicated guests. A workbook is provided as a reference tool for your operation. In addition, this is a certification class that is recognized by most states, counties and cities that require training.

Topics include:

    • Alcohol Law and Your Responsibility
    • Recognizing and Preventing Intoxication
    • Checking Identification
    • Handling Difficult Situations

In-house classes are available.
Public classes are available every month; click here for a schedule and registration form .


Workshop pricing and Support for Restaurant Openings may vary based on customization, number of participants and workshop length.

Workshops less than 4.5 hours range from $499- $899

Full day workshops range from $899- $1499