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Personal Development

Playing it safe is the riskiest choice you can make.

Growth Through Exploration!

Are we feeling inspired each day, living the life we really want?

Are we enjoying full freedom and expression of our greatest self?

If not, are we aware of what holds us back?

These questions are easier to answer with help.

Explore these questions with a dedicated coach committed to helping you discover and create the life you want...

Or a workshop to gain awareness and jumpstart our new desires…

Beliefs Be Gone

“Aauggh! I am doing everything right; from exercise, to eating healthy, loving myself, tools and learning to take charge of the hidden clutter in the attic of your mindmeditating, reading the right books, taking classes etc… Yet, things continue to stay the same. Something has gotta give!”

The Beliefs Be Gone workshop provides you the tools and learning to take charge of the hidden clutter in the attic of your mind. Remember your grandmother’s house? There was always one room filled with so much “precious stuff” that it was packed to the ceiling.

Just like a room filled with articles of the past we have “junk piles” of subconscious beliefs that can block us. When we start to clear out all that “junk” we make room for new supportive and productive beliefs.

If you are ready to live your dreams, create financial abundance; enjoy deep meaningful relationships… this workshop is for you.

    • Learn what unconscious beliefs keep you from what you really want.
    • Practice tools to shift your limiting unconscious thoughts.
    • Energize and step into your Vision!

Belief Shifting ~ Balances

A few simple and powerful processes can free your mind from limitationsDo you sometimes feel like its tough to get what you really want?

If we feel like we’ve tried and tried to change our life circumstances and are stuck- we may have sabotaging subconscious beliefs that are holding us back.

You can shift from these limiting experiences! Through integrative coaching and energy balancing processes (Psych-K™) I can help you to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions to create what you want.

Together we reveal the beliefs that hold you in limiting experiences. A few simple and powerful processes can free your mind from limitations!

These balances are one on one and can provide a powerful release from past patterns and create space for great new opportunities.

Want to learn more about Psych- K Balances?

Shift your View ~ Shift your Future

Do circumstances dictate what happens in your life or do you?

Find ways to break patterns as we explore the power of our perception and choices. Experience how to turn frustration, doubt, panic, stress & general “fed-up-ness” into productive perspectives.

In this workshop we’ll:

    • Learn to gain control of situations
    • Expand our ability to make powerful choices
    • Explore alternative views & enjoy different result

Are you curious about how your perspective shapes your reality? If you are ready to make powerful choices in YOUR LIFE, this workshop is for you.

Creating and Achieving Goals

With so many competing forces pulling at our time, many of us find ourselves in situations when we feel stuck, only getting a small piece of what we truly want in our lives.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Change in your life starts with you.

For my clients, I rely on Desire, Clarity, Enthusiasm, and Fun as the baker relies on sugar, salt, and flour to help them affect change.

"With Maureen's direction, suggestions, and feedback she has supplied me with the emotional,intellectual, and spiritual awareness to make all my dreams come to fruition."

Elizabeth Richards

We start with Desire. Together, in a one on one or small group connection we’ll explore what you truly want. What does it look like, feel like. When will you know when you have it?

Once a desire is set, create a clear strategy. Every day, once your goal is set ask yourself…

    1. What do I want to achieve today?
    2. What will success look like and feel like when I achieve that? (Be detailed!)
    3. In what ways can I support my vision today?

Once you have a clear vision enthusiasm and fun will help make the path easier. Set your goals, check them against your values, create a strategy and enjoy yourself.

It sounds easy doesn’t it? Connect with a professionally trained coach and those desires likely become realities!

Coaching Connection

Working with a coach helps people move to live their best life now- with more ease!
Start living your more intentional life, today.

Find out more about Dynamic Learning's Coaching Connection.


One on one sessions can range from $129- $199
Multi session packages are available:
4 one hour sessions $399
6 one hour sessions $499
Group workshops are also available from $39-$79 per person