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Professional Development

Sharpen the Saw! Stretch yourself! Reach new heights!

Dynamic Learning providing Professional Development traingWhy are there are so many clichés about our growth and professional development? There is truth to the theory the more we know the more confidence we have and the better we can perform.

Whether you are looking to learn something new or refresh existing skills, Dynamic Learning, Inc may have a workshop that meets your needs.

Maureen’s unique ability to add enthusiasm and humor to presentations helps each participant to stay engaged, learn and want to do things differently and better!

Key Notes & Speaking Engagements

Did people enjoy the stale muffins and warm coffee more than your last speaker?

Were people trying schedule a trip to the dentist to avoid that recent company meeting?

“She is our first consideration when we discuss the need for training."

Kelly Director
Junior League of Denver

Maureen McNamara is a dynamic speaker that can have your team laughing, learning and fully engaged at your next event.

Her sense of humor and creative style have brought her back year after year to lead training or breathe life into meetings for many companies.

If you have 45 minutes or several hours - Maureen can speak on any of the workshop topics below OR help deliver company specific information as needed.

Need help making your own presentation more engaging? Hire Maureen to coach you on Presentation Development and Delivery.

“I’m sorry- what was your name?”

We all know how embarrassing it can be to forget names… And how good it feels when people recall who we are…

In this dynamic, interactive workshop we’ll explore several practical techniques to help us gain confidence and begin to remember names with greater ease!

The importance of remembering names:

    • People feel respected
    • People feel important
    • Easier to connect
    • Sets you apart
    • Avoid embarrassment

This workshop will focus on:

    • Working with memory techniques
    • Participating in easy to do exercises
    • Experiencing breakthroughs in remembering names

As a group we’ll learn to overcome our common challenges to remembering names and avoid those embarrassing situations. We’ll be able to apply practical solutions immediately!


Teambuilding with Dynamic LearningThey will laugh, they will have breakthroughs, and they will see their co-workers in a new light…

Teambuilding helps to build trust and communication skills that may ultimately reduce turnover and encourage better communication & camaraderie.

This workshop creates a fun environment that provides an opportunity for your employees to connect while doing low risk activities that lead to greater teambuilding and communication.

This workshop helps to refresh, rejuvenate and energize your team with a lighthearted, interactive workshop.

This FUN workshop will focus on:

    • Problem solving
    • Exploring communication styles
    • Developing trust with co-workers
    • Creating a vision and definition of “ Team”

Calming the Cranky…

Something went wrong. Someone is unhappy. We have a cranky customer, employee, friend, boss… We must make every effort to connect and recover. Forget the old saying “the customer is always right” and lets replace it with “the customer always gets to win”.

We have all been faced with someone angry. And we often think of the perfect thing to say a few minutes or hours too late. As we know, a great recovery can be critical to ensuring a calm situation and everyone’s expectations are met and exceeded.

This workshop helps us to handle the cranky customer, the tough questions and diffuse tense situations.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Listening skills
    • Learning techniques to respond smoothly and non-defensively
    • Practicing ways to respond in pressure situations
    • Practicing speaking clearly and concisely
    • Ensuring our message is heard

Building Our Sales

How can we find opportunities to maintain and increase our numbers? Focus on one of our strengths- our existing clients. As we continue to provide excellent service and build our credibility we may have an opportunity to address more of the clients’ needs.

Increasing sales takes confidence, the ability to recognize the need, create the solution and present the solution with impact. It’s just that easy!

We’ll practice ways to ask the right questions and influence our customers to say yes.

“The information became more concise, understandable and memorable as a result of our decision to bring in Maureen McNamara to facilitate the training…"

Sara van Rensburg
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

In our interactive workshop we’ll explore ways to be attentive and aware of sales opportunities and create win-win situations for both our customers and us.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Identifying the needs of our customers
    • Looking for sales opportunities
    • Increasing awareness of our products
    • Creating solutions with enthusiasm
    • Influencing our clients to say yes
    • Taking the risk and hearing the word “no”

Communicating with Impact ~ Presentation Skills

Communicating with Impact ~ Presentation SkillsPresenting to groups, both large and small can be a source of stress to many people. Many of us avoid situations that require us to deliver information, some of us jump in and muddle through it and a few folks even appear to present information with great ease.

We all have the potential to deliver information with impact. Our personal and professional success may even depend on what we say and how we say it.

Participants will learn and practice skills to help organize and deliver information in a concise attention grabbing way. This interactive “out of your seat” workshop helps persuade others, clearly express ideas and build confidence, one of the keys to delivering presentations with impact.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Opening and Closing our presentations in an effective way
    • Organizing our communication in a clear concise manner
    • Increasing our awareness of our body language
    • Fielding questions with greater ease
    • Increasing confidence and flexibility in our communication styles

Great Guest Service

Imagine motivated employees who deliver quality, attentive, friendly guest focused service 100% of the time.

Great Guest Service: guests leave satisfied and ready to come back and visit frequentlyAre our guests’ expectations consistently exceeded? Does every guest leaves satisfied and ready to come back and visit frequently? Enthusiastic, knowledgeable employees are essential to great guest service.

This workshop has been developed with an interactive team approach to help expand the way our team views our business. Employees will be inspired and enthusiastic about consistently delivering the types of Guest Focused Service that will increase returns to your bottom line and will help you achieve a reputation to grow your business.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Exploring the reasons we choose to work in this industry
    • Expanding our way of looking at our business
    • Creating a vision of great guest focused service
    • Digging into the Basic Steps of Service
    • Increasing confidence and flexibility in our service styles

Ways to Praise

Does the room light up when you enter or leave? Learn to create an energy where people want to stay with you, work with you, do what you ask, and feel that they are an integral part of the team.

Can you count on one hand (two hands?) the amount of people that you have crossed paths in a customer service or work environment that absolutely truly cared?

"Maureen has such a phenomenal ability to facilitate the self discovery process."

Gayle Duggan RN

Have we found ourselves in situations when we were too busy and too distracted to make the people working with us feel special and valued?

What are you doing to make the people you cross paths with feel unique and appreciated? We’ll explore and practice ways that make people feel good, they will want to stay with us, do business with us and take great care of our clients.

This address will focus on:

    • Practical ways we can genuinely connect with people
    • Making people feel important- remembering details and names
    • Discussing ways to praise with purpose
    • Looking to seek and acknowledge the great in each person
    • Laughing at ourselves!

We will participate in an interactive, humorous experience and leave with easy ways to connect with and make people feel great.

Train the Trainer

Trainers play an important role in developing quality employees for our business and ultimately for our clients. Trainers ensure that each employee is set up for success with a solid foundation of both knowledge and skill.

This workshop is designed for individuals who have proven that they consistently deliver excellent guest service, are highly committed, and can effectively deliver a message. Our training team is a role model for both the experienced and the new employees.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Characteristics & qualities of an effective trainer
    • Identifying the needs of the adult learner
    • Training techniques to maximize involvement and interactive learning
    • Organizing our communication in a clear concise manner
    • Increasing our confidence and flexibility with communication styles
    • Direct coaching
    • On your feet presenting and feedback

Jazzy Meetings

Jazzy meetings seminarEver feel like nodding off at one of those BORING meetings? For people to retain information, it is helpful for them to be awake and alert!

JAZZ up your meetings and people will participate and remember the information you share.

This workshop helps us to create an upbeat, interactive environment where people feel included in the decision making process. When people buy in- we get a lot less resistance and a lot more movement.

This workshop will focus on:

    • Increasing meeting interaction
    • Facilitating activities that increase retention
    • Knowing how to use your experts to share information
    • Creating an environment of trust and participation

Customized Workshops

Looking for a new training program that your company has created to be delivered with enthusiasm and creativity?

Dynamic Learning can customize workshops for you specifically. We can work with your materials to create and guide people through a program focused on the results you want.

If you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right

Henry Ford


Workshop pricing may vary based on customization, number of participants and workshop length.

Workshops less than 4.5 hours range from $599 - $2199

Full day workshops range from $1199 - $2999